About Us
The Harris County Children's Protective Services Fund was founded in 1987.  The 501(c)(3) was created to benefit Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults (HCPS) directly in its mission to support, enhance and advocate for the safety and well-being of children and adults in Harris County.
Known as the "The Fund Board" throughout HCPS, the organizations helps provides resources necessary to continue quality services for prevention and early intervention programs, short-term residency for youth in crisis and incubate new and needed programs for abused and neglected children.  We ensure the sky is the limit for HCPS, which offers more than a dozen programs to children, youth and families in crisis.
Contributions to the Fund Board ensure the sky is the limit for programs serving children, youth and their families in Harris County.  Donating to the Fund Board is donating to a child in need of a medical visit, a youth coping with a tragic loss or a senior in need of daily care.

Make checks payable to:
2525 Murworth Dr.
Houston, TX  77054
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2019 Holiday Fleece Jacket & Blanket Drive
The Harris County Guardianship Program serves as the legal guardian for approximately 1,100 indigent adults and seniors with mental, physical and developmental incapacities and/or disabilities.  DONATE HERE to help purchase a holiday gift for them today!

If you are interested in sponsoring several adults by donating all-new fleece jackets and blankets please call Samuel Thompson at (713) 363-2342 or email samuel.thompson@cps.hctx.net to coordinate a drop off.
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Where to find us: 
2525 Murworth Dr.
Houston, TX  77057