Board of Trustees

Barbara Hermes, Chairman/President

George DeMontrond, Vice President

Sally Meadows, Treasurer

Simone Ralph, Assistant Treasurer

Sone’ Hermes, Secretary

Reverend Ben Lohmer

Bonnie Moore

Philip J. Kunetka

Mark Black

Steve Sandweiss

Executive Team and Support Staff

Joel Levine, Executive Director, HCPS

Anna Bell, Organizational Development and Strategic Initiatives Director, HCPS

Brian Baxendale, Chief Financial Officer, HCPS

Estella Olguin, Senior Communications Manager, HCPS

Dwayne Bennett, Grant Program Specialist, HCPS

Gerri Sanchez, Administrative Assistant, HCPS

To Report the Abuse or Neglect of a Child or Elderly Person:
1-800-252-5400 or Texas Abuse Hotline